Missionary Prayer Topics

“Ye also helping together by prayer for us,…”

II Corinthians 1:11a

  1. Relationship with God
    1. Hunger for the Word
    2. Strong prayer life
    3. To be filled with the Spirit
    4. Victory over Satan, the flesh, and the world

(Matthew 4:4; John 8:31-32)

  1. Relationship with his family
    1. Husband/ Wife relations
    2. Children’s integration in the culture and education
    3. Modeling a Christian family

(Joshua 24:15; Genesis 2:18; I Timothy 3:4-5)

  1. Relationships with others
    1. With the government
    2. With other missionaries
    3. With national pastors
    4. With sending church
    5. With supporting churches

(Proverbs 10:12; I Timothy 2:1-4)

  1. Physical and emotional life
    1. Bond to the people and culture
    2. Victory over loneliness and discouragement
    3. Health and safety in the midst of danger
    4. Culture shock

(Romans 8:38-39; Mark 12:30-31)

  1. Communication
    1. Language development
    2. Understanding and adaptation to the culture
    3. To effectively communicate the Gospel

(I Corinthians 2:2-5; Ephesians 6:18-20; Colossians 4:2-4)

6.   Ministry

A. Preaching, teaching, and personal witnessing

B.  Open hearts and fruitfulness

C. Wisdom and discernment

(I Corinthians 15:9; Hebrews 4:12)

7.   Country of service

Free access to the country: Visas – Welcomed by the people


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