Jim Elliot

Date of Birth: October 8, 1927

Date of Death: January 8, 1956

Country of Birth: United States

Country of Ministry: Ecuador



Jim Elliot grew up in a Christian home.  His father, Fred Elliot, was an evangelist and even preached some with H. A. Ironside. Jim was brought up going to church and participating in family devotions. He enjoyed reading, stamp collecting, and oratory. Jim had a spirit for adventure and a zest for life. Fred also taught him how to work hard. This training paid off in college as Jim often worked multiple jobs to pay his tuition.


Jim got saved at the age of six. He quickly told his mother after a church service one night that he had accepted Christ. Many of his friends often heard him give a clear explanation of the gospel. After high school a plethora of career opportunities were afforded him. In his pursuit of knowing God, Jim chose Bible college. Jim felt God tug on his heart as he read a missionary’s letter. This missionary left the field due to his wife’s health.


Although Jim spent only six years in Ecuador, the effects of his ministry are still felt long after his passing. Jim spent five of those years working among the Quichua Indians. Jim took an airplane ride over the eastern jungle where he could see Waodani territory. “They may be only a few hundred in number, but they are part of the whole creation, and we have orders for such.” The Waodani tribe held the position of the most violent tribe in the world. Jim Elliot and his four friends spent a week trying to contact this famously savage tribe. On January 8, 1956, their camp was overrun, and all five men were massacred. The Waodani in the raiding party said they saw a thousand flashlights singing on the mountain tops.


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