Nate Saint

Date of Birth: 1923

Date of Death: January 8, 1956

Country of Birth: United States

Country of Ministry: Ecuador



Nate Saint’s grandfather was an inventor who founded the Proctor Silex Co. Nate’s father made stained glass windows for a living. He even built a roller coaster in his backyard with the help of his sons. Nate enjoyed making models of anything that moved: trains, boats, airplanes, etc. At the age of ten the desire to fly had bitten him.


At fourteen years old Nate contracted a bone infection from a cut in his leg and was stuck in bed for a while. During this time, he thought about a Saturday night during a camping trip. Everyone gathered around the campfire, and the counselor asked the kids to receive Christ. All his life Nate had heard Bible stories and said his prayers, but that night it became real to him. As he lay alone in his room, Nate spent a lot of time reading his Bible and praying. He knew his whole life was ahead of him. He promised God that if he lived, he would turn his life over to Him.


Nate Saint did become a pilot and flew for MAF. He would bring supplies to missionaries who could not be reached by any other means. Between flights Nate would witness to natives about Christ. He perfected a maneuver to drop things from the air without landing the plane. This would prove useful when attempting to contact the Waodani. In early January of 1956, Nate had the opportunity to give one of the natives a ride in the “wood bee.” A raiding party attacked Nate and four of his missionary friends a few days later. The Ecuadorian search party found a tract tied to the spear that killed Nate Saint. A couple years later his sister, Rachel Saint, successfully brought the gospel to this once savage tribe.


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