3-D Missions Adventure Trip 2013 (part 1)

Dr. Bob DeWitt, Bro. Lou DiFilippantonio, and I arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday at 11:50PM Thai time (11:50AM Tuesday in New York). After a short nap, we were taken to the Bangkok Baptist Church before moving on to the Burmese Embassy. While there, Bro. Bob DeWitt gave the morning devotion to the school kids on knowing God and making Him known. Then we went to the Burmese Embassy where Bro. DiFilippantonio was to get his visa to go to the Pastors’ School in Yangon, Burma. We found out that he could get his visa by the afternoon for $10 more. Bro. DeWitt told me that was a miracle. He was impressed with the service since we had to wait a week before picking ours up at the embassy in NYC.

We had to leave Bro. DiFilippantonio at the embassy with a Filipino missionary, so Bro. DeWitt and I could catch our flight to Mae Sot (Mae is pronounced with a short a and silent e). The Filipino missionary had him preach at the Bangkok Baptist Church tonight, then he will meet us tomorrow in Mae Sot. We took a little prop plane an hour Northwest. Then we met Pastor Manny Sinoy in Mae Sot. We got to the hotel and rested a bit before heading to church.
Tonight I had the opportunity to preach at the Gospel Baptist Church in Mae Sot. We had 112 in attendance with about 15-20 first time visitors and 11 saved. I preached a sermon on God quenching your thirst and giving you another thirst. I had a very good translator named Stephen. It is amazing to be here preaching, encouraging the Christians, and winning souls.

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