3-D Missions Adventure Trip 2013 (part 2)

On Thursday, November 21, we went to a rubber plantation and held a small service with the Burmese workers. About 30 showed up and 20 got saved. It is amazing to go to a place where no one has ever been to before with the Gospel. These people are so eager to hear the truth of God’s word. Then in the afternoon we went to the small airport to pick up Bro. Lou D. who was still in Bangkok acquiring his visa, so he could go to the Pastors’ School in Yangon with us.

From the airport we went to a small Burmese village to see a boy named Kaung Thet Kyaw (pronounced Kong Tee Chaw) who was in Bro. Sinoy’s school. This 11 year old boy had quit school because his mother was ill, and he wanted to take care of her. As we rolled up to the village, I noticed small bamboo huts along the very uneven dirt path. I thought to myself this is the life I can see myself living. This is pioneer missionary work. David Livingstone said, “The end of exploration is the beginning of missionary enterprise.” We got to the hut that belonged to this family and found why he had quit. We promised to help his mother get some good medical care so he could go back to school. He agreed. On our way out Bro. DeWitt said to me, “You watch. God is going to give us this village because of what we are doing for this family.”

On Friday, November 22, Bro. Lou D. preached to about 40 kids the way of salvation. He told them that even though they may feel unknown or forgotten, God knows who they are and never forgets His love for them. At the invitation 12 people trusted Christ. Bro. Lou was ecstatic. We took all kinds of pictures and videos. The kids all loved being around us. I even got to play chin lun (foot volley ball) with some of the boys. The rules are the same as volleyball with a net and everything except you can’t use your hands. That night we went back to the rubber plantation and held another service. This time 60 people showed up and about 30 were saved. The total count is now up to 75 souls. Praise the Lord!


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