3-D Missions Adventure Trip 2013 (part 3)

  20131123_102238  20131123_102820
  On Saturday morning we held a Saturday school because many of the children can not come to church on Sunday. After the class they have rice and vegetables for the kids. There were 134 children in the service on Saturday. I got to preach. I gave them the Gospel and used the Red Sea crossing as an example, so the children could envision it in their minds. Bro. Lou D. said at least forty people got saved that day. Then Bro. DeWitt got up and preached for a little bit. There was one boy in the crowd named Pyo Pyo Zaw (pronounced Pew Pew Zo long o). He was very somber all morning. He later told Bro. DeWitt that God spoke to his heart about really following Him starting with getting baptized the next day. Below is an attached picture of him getting baptized this morning. On Saturday night we were at the orphanage again while they had their devotions. It was amazing.
    This morning we all had the chance to preach. Bro. DeWitt preached the English service at 9Am. Bro. Lou preached the Burmese service, and I got to preach the Thai service. Both of those services started at 11Am. There were many people there. I don’t know the exact count, but I would guess around 200 people. We had 25 people saved between all the services and 7 people baptized. It was a great day, and it’s not even over yet. In a few minutes I am going to go with a couple of the preacher boys to a new Burmese church plant that they started not too long ago. Then it is off to the evening service after that. The total soul count for the trip is up to 138 people in just under a week.
A panoramic of Burmese mountains
A panoramic of Burmese mountains

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