3-D Missions Adventure Trip 2013 (part 4)


On Monday, November 25, 2013, Bro. DeWitt, Bro. Lou, and I went to a school. It was packed with children of all ages. It was amazing. Bro. DeWitt started singing, and all the kids were into it. As he spoke of how he got on an airplane to get here and that he needed a ticket, the crowd got still. Then he tied it in to salvation. About 40 people got saved at this service including the school headmaster.


Later that day, we met the truck at the Scripture depot and helped unload Bibles and John & Romans. I am so grateful for the ones who have gone on before that have translated the Bible. We are way ahead of where even Judson was when he started. It was a great privilege to work with these people here. Most people in America have no idea what it is like to not have God’s Word. The Burmese people here have no store to buy one or two or five. Just take a minute before you finish reading this post to imagine what it would be like to not have your own copy of the Bible and to not be able to get one anywhere. The translators of the King James Bible said in the preface, “But how shall men meditate in that which they cannot understand? How shall they understand that which is kept close in an unknown tongue? … The godly learned were not content to have the Scriptures in the language which themselves understood, Greek and Latin,… but also for the behoof and edifying of the unlearned which hungered and thirsted after righteousness, and had souls to be saved as well as they, they provided translations into the vulgar for their countrymen, insomuch that most nations under heaven did shortly after their conversion hear Christ speaking unto them in their mother tongue, not by the voice of their minister only, but also by the written word translated.


Later that night we went to a college for Burmese teachers. They are here from Burma learning how to teach, then they will go back after their training is done. Again, like other places, all eyes were glued to the front. Bro. DeWitt preached and told some stories of his experiences in Burma. They became very thoughtful and, for some, emotional as he related to them. Bro. Lou said, “He believed the Holy Spirit met with us that night. Out of 50 teachers that showed up 40 of them accepted Christ as their Arimatea (Burmese for Messiah or Savior). After the meeting dismissed a Buddhist man from Arakan State asked for more information. He did not get saved, but he wants to know more about Arimatea. That is big because Arakan has the hardest, most staunch Buddhists in Burma and maybe even the world. Now the soul count is up to 220. God is doing great and marvelous things here. Please pray that He would use you to do something great for Him also!


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