3-D Missions Adventure Trip 2013 (part 5)

On Tuesday – We have been here one week. Bro. DeWitt, after this will be referred to as BahGyi, took Kaung Thet Kyaw and his mother to the doctor to find out her medical issue. We found out later that Kaung’s mom had an ulcer and high blood pressure. She was prescribed some medicine for the ulcer and blood pressure. She is feeling much better and is scheduled for an eye exam to determine if she needs glasses. While BahGyi was with Kaung Thet Kyaw’s family, Bro. Lou and I spent some time at the orphanage with the kids. We had a lot of fun as you can see below.

20131121_102811  20131128_122942


After BahGyi came back, we went to another school to preach. BahGyi did the service, and I went with Pastor Steven and Bro. T door to door. I won eight people in the afternoon and another 3 in the evening. As we walked down the street, we passed a field with some Burmese workers in it. Pastor Steven informed me that the workers make about $100 a month as a wage. I told him that most Americans make that in one day. Even the poorest of Americans make more than that in a month. Of course, his eyes got real big; that concept was so surprising to him. I walked on that day very grateful for the opportunities and blessings that God has given me. Most Americans have no idea what true poverty is. I also went soul winning on Wednesday morning. Below is a picture of a man that I won on Tuesday night and a couple that I won on Wednesday morning. The big evangelistic services are great, but I feel so privileged to be able to talk to people one on one (or in this case two on one because of my translator). On Wednesday night Bro. Lou preached on the amazing truth of the unchangeable God.



Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. We spent most of the day at the orphanage. Some of the children there have no parents. Others of them have parents who feel they can not take care of them. All of the children there need someone to show the love of God to them. That is exactly what Pastor Sinoy and his workers attempt to do. The kids were so happy to have us there. Many played with Bro. Lou’s hat. The boys all wanted a ride on my back, so they hopped on all at once. Of course, I did not want to disappoint, so I carried them. It is amazing how many simple things will help a kid. There is not much need to spend lots of money. Most of the time all they want is time spent with them and on them. In the evening we went to the pastor’s house where his wife spent all day cooking food. We had a very Filipino spread with a turkey mixed in somewhere.


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