Parting Words to a Missionary

Go! thou messenger of Heaven;

Bound for Asia’s burning shore;

Tell of sins by blood forgiven,

Take the heaven-sent message o’er;

                    Some will listen; –

Tell the tidings o’er and o’er.

Home and country – would they bind thee?

Would they urge thy guilty stay?

Look not, look not once behind thee;

Onward – onward lies thy way;

                        Farwell, stranger!

Hasten! Onward lies thy way.

Do a mother’s arms infold thee?

Do they clasp thee to her heart?

Let not fond affection hold thee;

Louder duty calls, “Depart.”

                        Duty calls thee,

Herald of the Cross, depart.

Dost thou fear the withering power

Of the tropic’s sickening ray?

Dost thou dread the midnight hour, –

Deserts lone, and beasts of prey?

                        Trembling stranger!

Trust: not lonely is thy way.

Israel’s cloudy vale will shade thee

From the noonday’s dazzling light;

Israel’s burning pillar lead thee

Through the desert’s darkest night.

                        Trust the promise;

God, thy God, will be thy light.

Go in faith, thou silent weeper!

Sow the precious Gospel-seed;

Thou shalt come a joyful reaper;

Souls thy harvest, Heaven thy meed.

                        Faithful laborer,

Go, and sow the Gospel-seed.


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