About Great Light Missions



This blog is designed to inform people as to the true purpose of missions around the world. I endeavor to help people get more involved in reaching the 6.8+ billion people on planet earth who will go to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ to save them. This blog is a good source for missionaries, pastors, mission boards, and Christians who want to be more involved in world missions. I have included Bible verses on missions, quotes from famous missionaries, poems on missions, sermons and Bible studies on missions, and practical tips to implement into your own life or church program. All Scripture quotations are unashamedly taken from the King James Bible (A.V. 1611) and are written in italics.

We hope to be a blessing to churches, missionaries, and Christians around the world on this most important subject. If it is not the aim of the church, this command would not have been Christ’s last words before he ascended to heaven. We desire people to quit ommitting the Great Comission from their daily lives.

“We are here because we believe that men without God are LOST! We are here because we believe that lost men are going to HELL! We are here because we believe that hell has FIRE!”  -Dr. Jack Hyles

Until Jesus comes…

Timothy J. Davis

Matthew 4:16; II Timothy 2:3,4


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